About Us

The Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis (AAEH) was founded in 1956 by Harry Arons and chartered by the State of New Jersey as a not for profit organization.

Our first convention, held in New York, is believed to be the first convention of hypnotists in history. Although it was not open to the general public, the two-day convention attracted 150 people. Each convention that followed offered speakers and workshops with a dual goal: education in our field, and improvement in techniques and knowledge. We honor those goals today.

Our past presidents included physicians and dentists like Maxwell Kaye and Garland Fross, and our beloved founder, Harry Arons. Our most flamboyant Exective Director was Martin M. Segall, better known and loved as "Uncle Marty". Did he know how to throw a party (convention)! We were blessed with trustees like Frances Renner and Shirley Wright and others who served on the executive board: Leo Gendreau, Robert Luthy, Arthur Levine, Stanley Mitchell, Col. Joe Ziglinski, who were pioneers in this fledgling field. They boldly went where no one had gone before and fought to get hypnosis accepted as a modality to be applied to all the healing arts.

These forerunners came from different backgrounds but were united by a love of hypnosis and the advocacy of its ethical practice. They can no longer carry the torch, as they have passed from this life. The torch is being held out to you. Will you take it?

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